Alcohol Treatment & Recovery

If you or someone you know are suffering from any kind of addiction, please read on. Addictions are difficult for anyone and the road to recovery can often be difficult both mentally, emotionally and physically. Many people fail to overcome their addictions for many reasons and will power alone is often not enough to overcome the internal battles raging inside your body. Sadly the results and repercussions of addiction can effect every area of your life including relationships, finances and career to name a few. One thing is sure, if you are serious about recovery then you can increase your chances of success by seeking professional help.

The Chadwell Method offers confidential support and encouragement along with guidance to both rebuild your body and the depleted neurochemistry of your brain that are essential for long term recovery and critical for your success. You start with a completely confidential evaluation that determines what stage of health you are in and what support you may need. This support includes nutritional suggestions for the depletion you have experienced along with a personalized program to rebuild your body for optimal health. We then work to together to create a plan that helps move you along the path of recovery. The Chadwell Method for Alcohol Treatment and Alcohol Rehab in San Diego supports you during every phase of your transition which increases the likelihood of your success!

A green button with black backgroundAppointments are initially scheduled one to three times a week in the beginning to provide detailed guidance and support and to ensure compliance with the program. As progress is made the appointments decrease until a maintenance level is achieved.

Our program works perfectly in combination with 12 Step programs, counseling, and other therapies.

Give yourself every possibility of success by using our proven method and call us today without delay on 858-792-0754.

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