Is it really possible to feel better and look better in less than an hour?

Yes it is with Craniosacral Therapy!

Does this sound like you?

• Stress
• Insomnia
• Headaches

• Concussion
• Whiplash
• TMJ Pain

Over the last 75 years, Craniosacral Therapy has been proven to be an effective method for healing these problems where other mainstream treatments may have failed.

How it works

A green button with black backgroundCraniosacral Therapy (CST) is a sophisticated hands-on method to adjust the central nervous system to enhance health in all areas of the body. This is achieved by gently placing the hands on very specific locations on the head and pelvis (though the technique can actually be used on any area of the body). The practitioner- using a highly trained palpatory sense -brings the body into a state of balance. This balance can be induced at various levels including the bones of the head, the membrane lining of the skull and spinal canal, the fluids in and surrounding the brain as well as the brain itself. By bringing these tissues into a balanced state of harmony the body is then free to follow it’s inherent wisdom to bring about optimal health in whatever area it is needed most.

Exactly what is a craniosacral session like?

Typically a client is placed comfortably on a treatment table with support under the knees and head. The client is fully clothed at all times. The practitioner then places his hands on the area to be treated. The pressure is VERY light. Most sessions last 30-50 minutes. The client usually feels very relaxed during the session though at times feelings and emotions may arise. The client is safe at all times. There are no known negative side effects to CST.

Anthony is a Nationally Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®), one of only 200 in America, through the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA).


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