Whether you are experiencing acute pain that might have been caused by a fall or vehicle accident or long term pain that is a result of a physical, emotional or psychological stress, the Chadwell Method will determine a personalized approach that will start you on a path to pain-free living.

Many people spend a lot of time and money treating symptoms. The Chadwell Method goes beyond the surface of the problem to determine the real cause. After the cause is determined a prompt and efficient plan of action will be initiated to set you on your road to optimal health.

Once pain has been held in the body it becomes “systemic”. That means the pain affects every aspect of your existence causing additional stress. Your mood, energy level, sex drive, thoughts, digestion and desire to thrive may all be altered. This cycle can continue for your entire life if the root of the problem is not addressed.

The Chadwell Method will determine where to start. Using the wide array of structural techniques available the body will be relaxed, the blood and lymphatic systems, which bring about healing, will improve and the nervous system throughout body will be restored to optimal health. Specific nutritional support will also be recommended. After this corrective phase guidance with life-style, stretching, exercise, and work will be given to make the changes long lasting.