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A green button with black backgroundIf you have tried every type of doctor and have not found success you owe it to yourself to experience the Chadwell Method.

Infants and children

Every parent wants the best for their children the problems arise when there is just so much conflicting information. The Chadwell Method is here for you!

When considering how to help your child it is important to take into account the subtle structural conditions that a child experiences in utero, at delivery, and during the developmental period of early childhood. Seemingly minor stresses or injuries to the muscles, ligaments, joints, and organs can have a tremendous impact on quality of life as they mature. These stresses also include the actual delivery and any accidents.

The nutritional and health of the mother also plays a role in the future health of the child. Environmental and food allergies need to be considered. A mothers diet during pregnancy and nursing influences the health potential of the new born. Some foods my need to be eliminated or additional nutrients added so that your child feels better. The Chadwell Method is a very efficient way to give you all of these answers.

Perhaps most importantly the emotional and spiritual atmosphere in which the child develops strongly influences a child’s health.

If you have been confused and frustrated by the lack of care for your child and are looking for sincere and informed answers about your child’s health and developmental needs, the Chadwell Method is the perfect answer.

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